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Dartino - Getting Started

How small a device can run Dart? Raspberry Pi may be physically small and the Raspberry Pi Zero even smaller, but the Pi is a full microprocessor and runs a full Linux or Windows stack. What about microcontrollers? Running on the bare metal with limited resources?
Enter Dartino. I've been playing around with the little brother of Dart named Dartino. It's targeted at microcontrollers with limited resources. Small devices with a single purpose. Thermostat. Hydroponics monitor. Weather station. While it's really great having all the capabilities of a full OS stack on the RPI, there's something really cool about plugging in a microcontroller based device and having the application running in under a second. Small. Dedicated devices. Fewer things to fail.
I started playing around with Dartino and it is still definitely in its infancy, but it recently crossed a milestone when I found I could create simple interactive apps. With the 0.4.0 release of the Dartino SDK, I built…